Don’t Stress About Tomorrow, Focus on TODAY

Hello glamorous gals,

Raise your hand if you are guilty (like me) of spending too much time planning the future that you end up living there instead of living in the present. I am very guilty of this. My mind is so set on getting and achieving my goals in the future that I’m not even truly HERE in the present. Believe me, it will spiral you out of control. I have found a way of thinking that enables me to push myself yet not constantly disappointing myself.



Planning is a good thing…to an extent. Unfortunately, when we plan too much we only think about the future, which is not a good thing. Let’s look at an example:
You have a goal of reading 18 books in 9 weeks. That’s two books a week. Let’s say each book is about 300 pages, that would mean in order to finish two books a week for 9 weeks you would need to read about 100 pages a day.
So you plan this but, at the last minute something comes up and you have to change your plans to deal with that ‘thing’, therefore you have no time to read 100 pages that day and on the next day, you then have to read 200 pages to make up for the previous day which is virtually impossible. The pages just keep adding up and up and up to the point where you are so stressed that you end up not reading at all!

This is a perfect example of what can happen when you plan too much as you are so focused on the end goal in the future that you disappoint yourself every time you don’t do as much as you had wished that day. What I found, as I am extremely guilty of living in the future, is that rather than having the mindset of:
“I need to get this much done TODAY in order to keep me on track of my end goal”.
Have the mindset of:
“I am going to do as much as I can today to help me work towards my goal”

Do not be so specific on how much you need to do each day, because circumstances may come up (falling asleep always happens to me haha!) that puts you off track and will ruin your extremely specific plan. Whereas if you only try to do what you can NOW, you will find it WAY less stressful as you won’t be so hard on yourself because you don’t have to ‘complete’ anything.

I really do hope this helped in getting you to focus on TODAY and less on TOMORROW. Feel free to contact me via the contact page as I always love to chat with you.

Natalia Fox


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