Finally Get Stuff Done with this Technique!

Hello Glamorous Gals,

Today I want to share with you something which completely changed my life (ok well maybe it didn’t ‘completely change my life’ but it definitely improved it!). In this world today we are so consumed and torn in different directions with distractions and other things on our mind that when it comes to needing to sit down and just GET SOMETHING DONE, it’s almost impossible. With this technique I found, it will make getting things done easier and more manageable.


Let’s get to it.

This technique uses a 25/5 technique. The idea is that you work hard, flat out for 25 minutes, without a break (I mean obviously if you need to go to the bathroom, then go to the bathroom). Then, after 25 minutes of hard work, take a short 5 minutes break which could consist of getting something to drink/eat, playing a game on your phone, going outside for a quick walk, it doesn’t matter! But the idea is that your break should be as different to what you worked on in the 25 minutes as possible to give yourself variety and avoid boredom.

By working hard for 25 minutes, when you think about it, it is a very short time. You will find yourself looking forward to the break, motivating yourself to get as much done in the 25 minute slot as possible. By splitting it into 25 minutes of work rather than an hour, the task will seem a lot more manageable and will enable you to split your big task down into more manageable (25 minute) tasks.


If you don’t take the break after 25 minutes because you feel like you are really into something, this is a big RED FLAG and you will set yourself up for RUIN!
Here’s why: Our brains have been proven to only be able to concentrate for around 30 minutes and after that nothing really goes in. By extending your 25 minute session you will experience burn out, which could put you off from doing anything productive for the rest of the WHOLE DAY!

So set your timer on to remind you when your break is and when it ends (and make sure you don’t extend your break either) and stick to it as strictly as possible. You can also use apps such as: ’30/30′, ‘Pomodoro’ or ‘Forest’ to keep you on track.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and please drop me a message for anything you need at all! (I am here to help you after all)

Natalia Fox


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