When it’s Time for ALONE Time.

Hello Glamorous Gals,

Today I want to discuss the topic of detecting when you need a break from PEOPLE. Although it is healthy to be social, being TOO social can be very detrimental to you and even your friends as well. I’ve found that being social 24/7 can have serious effects on your mood. I know this because I tried being social 24/7 and it really affected me and my friends in the wrong way. I just want you to think about this a bit and discover whether it’s time for you to have alone time.

You will become very irritable.
You will find yourself getting annoyed and irritated at people and things that normally wouldn’t bother you at all, like things people say, mistakes you make, situations that go wrong, and these will all feel like they are a million times worse than they actually. You will find yourself being a little too dramatic about things that are so small.

You will feel depressed.
When you don’t get enough ME time, your mood will be down and it will be much more difficult to feel excited about life. Basically, you will feel depressed. When I was feeling this I literally felt like my world was going to end just because I got a question wrong on my math homework. SERIOUSLY!

You will feel your friends becoming a bit distant.
The truth is, people need their space. The sad reality is that no matter how much you want to be social, whether that’s an hour a day or 24 hours a day, your friend’s need for social activity will be different to yours. Think about it this way: if one friend was hanging around you all the time, in your room, at lunch, in your office, you would get pretty annoyed wouldn’t you? This is the same for them, people will get seriously annoyed if you are just with them 24/7 and just won’t leave them alone! And this could greatly affect your relationship with them. People need their space, and if we don’t give them space, they will begin to try and get away from us.

So have a think: do you need alone time? If it sounds like you might do, go away and spend some time with yourself – get chores done, relax, watch movies, pamper yourself, whatever it is. Just don’t take alone time for granted, because it is extremely important for our well being.

Thank you so much for stopping by and do visit the ‘contact’ page with any questions you may have!



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