Blog Posts Schedule ~ UPDATE

Good morning glamorous gals, (unless it’s not morning where you are and in that case: good afternoon/evening)

This is not a blog post today, but just a quick update on my posting schedule from now on. Just for your information.

Blog posts will be posted on:
Every Monday: 1 blog post will be posted
Every Thursday: 1 blog post will be posted

AND: occasionally I will post 1 or more blog posts on the weekend as well if I’m feeling a little spontaneous!

BUT please note that the weekend posts are not set, it’s only IF I want to add in another post. The Monday and Thursday posts are set however and will be consistent (as much as possible).

Thank you for visiting my site, and if you were looking for a blog post today, feel free to visit all my other blog posts I have posted in the past (including a new one I posted yesterday).

Natalia Fox


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