Why You Need To Remove Negative People from Your Life!

Hey there glamorous gals,

Hope you are all doing glamorous today! (doing glamorous? don’t think that works but we’re going to go with it). In this post, I am going to discuss with you the importance of removing negative and toxic people from our lives and why we need to do it NOW.

They say: you become the average of the FIVE people you hang out with. When you think about this, it makes perfect sense right? When you spend so much time with a specific person, eventually their personality and mood will rub off on you! There’s no escaping it. Just think about the times when you started speaking someone else’s slang and thought, ‘that’s weird’. You do NOT want to become a depressing person, so if you have one of these people in your life, you need to get rid of them otherwise, you will turn into them and no one will want to be around you. (Jeez, that was harsh. BUT TRUE!)

They also say: proximity = preference.
The more you hang out with miserable or mean people, the more you will choose to be around them. First of all, you will of course become more like them in terms of their character, and then the second step is you will start to choose more friends who are of that negative nature because the more you spend time with them the more you will like them and choose to be around them!

This is a given, but of course, your well being will suffer.
It’s physically not healthy for us to have such toxicity and negativity in our lives, it can generate stress in the body which can cause all sorts of problems such as heart disease, diabetes and of course severe depression and anxiety. We really don’t want any of this in the world. We want to be happy and FREE from any bad in the world because there already is so much, unfortunately.

I know it might be very difficult to ‘get rid’ of someone negative in your life because you are worried about hurting them and so on, but the truth is, sometimes we have to put ourselves first and ensure that we have a healthy mind and body by having healthy relationships. After all, our health ALWAYS comes first.

Thank you so much for stopping by!



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